Transparent Q2.0

Q.2 transparent
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Since the introduction of the neodymium Q2.0 black pickups, we’ve had
quite a few requests to for the transparent look.
Now we’ve made a couple of prototypes starting with a model for 5 string
bass/8 string guitar and we would like to hear your opinion on the following pictures:
If the demand is high enough, we would love to invest in other models
and make the new Q-tuner q2.0 available for everyone.
We’d really like to know if you are interested in our new Q-tuner
q2.0 pictures you’ve just seen. If yes, please sign up and send us an
email with your thoughts so we can make a decision to go through with this or not.

A small side note that we need to add is that setting up a production
line for any transparent q2.0 models requires a huge investment.
All Q-tuners we’ve ever made always took lots of time and effort for the
simple reason we are not a big company thus we do most things by hand.
This makes our production output rather low which translates
into higher prices. Nevertheless, it is our aim to keep the prices for
the transparent Q2.0 models about US$ 199.

Black marble q-tuners
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We adjust our pickups to the way you like to play. We calculate the neodymium magnet size, the amount of windings and even create our own bobbins to create the perfect sound.
Custom-made-to-order q2.0 pickups are one of a kind pickups in output, dynamic response and frequency range.