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“Thought i would post about the Q-tuner pickup and some of my ideas about the guitars sound. I was really interested when I first heard about these pickups and the company, having it now in the guitar I am totally blown away by it.
Seems to me that the overall concept is about clarity, detail, balance and range, but in practice I think it does whatever you want it to, just better.
It can give a clear and detailed represention of the guitars natural personality, it can have a real ‘acoustic’ quality clean, and it will also respond to eq, drive and effects while keeping separation and detail. Push it and it will really scream too, with loud harmonics and controllable feedback.

Rather than having a bunch of pickups and tone controls, interfering with the simplicity of the guitars structure and the signal path, my idea is to provide an output that gives the full range of frequencies, plus loads of the resonance, overtones and natural sustain that comes form the woods and construction of the guitar. The Q-tuner pickup, combined with the high level of shielding, makes the guitar exceptionally noise free.

The construction of the guitar makes it incredibly responsive and resonant. The neck joint is very pure and direct, the wood to wood contact there is as tight as any other joint in the guitar,which is VERY tight, visually seamless. Check out the joints on the six piece neck, the four piece body and the features and construction gallery sections of the website to see what I mean. The bridge being wood and also connected with a perfect, high pressure glued joint, essentially makes the guitar one whole organism, sound travels freely through it. It is this movement of sound through the instrument, back to the strings and into the pickup, that allows the woods to work their magic on the tone. This is why wood is THE material for stringed instruments, despite all the synthetic materials, with some incredible mechanical properties, available to us nowadays.”

James Crisp, founder of Halflight Guitars.

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Q-tuner q2.0 neodymium eletric guitar and bass guitar pickups

Guitar by James Crisp, Halfight Guitars

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