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Q2.0 J-bass model


Q-tuner has engineered the Q2.0 series to set new industry standards. The new passive Q2.0 humbucking pickups produce a tight, clean and life-like bass sound loaded with harmonics. High grade neodymium magnets in a unique alignment ensure an awe-inspiring dynamic range. Great for slap-based percussive playing technique. Spoil yourself, and hear how a bass guitar is meant to sound.


The neodymium Q2.0 model for 4 string J-basses is extremely well made and has the air, dynamics and frequency extension that the Q-tuner brand is renown for. Designed with roundwound strings in mind. Second to none as far as output, dynamic range and faithful sound reproduction are concerned. Passive technology with noiseless operation. We promise you that there is no other of it's kind on the market. Epicness guaranteed!

Neodymium Q2.0 pickups are being made in limited batches rather than mass-produced. Therefore, delivery times may vary depending on demand. Method of shipment: registered priority airmail. We ship world-wide. Technical recommendations: pot value- 500 K or 1 Meg. Capacitor value- depending on personal preference. Connect the bridge to earth. The pickup and electronic cavities must be shielded and grounded properly for maximum results. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.



Colors available


Main USP

Extreme clarity and dynamics

Recommended pots

500 K. or 1 Meg

Coil lead-outs

Standard two

Magnetic material



Yes, passive

DC resistance

Neck model: 8.0 kΩ. Bridge model: 9.5 kΩ


Bridge: $125,-, Neck: $125,-, Matched set: $210,-

Maximum string spacing