Demo: neodymium Q2.0 SC sized pickup in the neck position
BWV1002-IV, “Double” form J.S.Bach violin partita #1
By: Ou Yamamoto- guitar


Download Aspie & drums wav 24bit/96kHz
Download Aspie & drums wav 16bit/44.1kHz
Download Aspie & drums mp3 256kbps

Erno Zwaan: composer of Aspie – fretless bass
Peter Erskine – drums

Demo: neodymium Q2.0 SC sized pickup in the bridge position
By: Gertjan Roossien – guitar

Demo recording of a neodymium Q-tuner q2.0 SC neck and middle pickup connected in parallel. J.S. Bach Two Part Invention No.13
By: Ou Yamamoto- guitar

“OK.. Q-Tuners… crazy extended high end, and loud! I think they are pretty cool.”

“I figured I’d give these Q-Tuners a chance. Very glad I did, they are the best I have heard.”

“The sound of the Q2.0 is modern and articulate. Harmonics are full and clear.”

“The Q2.0 J-bass pickups sound full-bodied, yet with an amazing treble response. Killer dynamics due to the neodymium magnets. Nothing compares.”

“They have a full-frequency sound that covers the whole spectrum of bass, mids and treble. They’re very clean, dynamic pickups that off a good range of tones.”

“Clean, clear, transparent.”

“Simply put, these are the quietest, most transparent pickup’s I’ve ever experienced – period!”

“Best pick ups ever”

“The pickup has a great wide-range clean sound, with great separation.”

“Personally I’ve found them very responsive with incredible tightness and clarity. The cleans are beautiful.”

“They give it a nice smooth low end and really cut through the mids up to the highs and really nice sustain.”

“The Q2.0 is rich with overtones and have an almost single-coil like sound to it.”

“The neodymium q2.0 is a class of its own”

“it’s an absolute dream. i can get every tone i want out of it and very easily. it sounds great no matter what i do on the amp/EQ settings.”

“I have a pair of Q-tuner humbuckers, and I love them. Very hot and responsive. The sound is incredibly clear; it almost sounds like an acoustic guitar. “

“A monstrous sound!”

“New pickups sound great!”

“I was lucky enough to be asked to be the demo guitarist for these things, and they are GREAT pickups. Just need to get some for the 7 & 8 strings I have now”

“With proper sponsorship you could dominate the modern technical metal market”

“In comparison to other pickups q tuner is second to none”

“After using them, there is no turning back to conventional PUs for me.”

“Honestly, they sound absolutely amazing.”