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Book: Animal Magnetism for Musicians

Includes DIY pickup projects for newbies

Reach out for the book of superlatives on animAnimal Magnetism for Musiciansal magnetism… and you’ll be hooked. Here’s a bunch of ideas to sink your teeth into – get to work. That’s the message this fully-illustrated how- to-do-it manual has for anyone who yearns to design and build his or her own pickups and/or basses. You’ll need a little ingenuity, but guts count for something too.

Whether you want to single-handedly redefine contemporary standards for anything associated with equipment, or if you just want to become better informed, this manual puts you on the right track. It includes both electrical and woodworking projects, each with a detailed commentary and photographs showing the progress step by step. In addition, to help you get a sound working knowledge, there are chapters on related subjects, ranging from basic laws of physics to the nature of wood.
Alongside its basic approach to the various aspects covered, the book’s concept has been geared to the reasonably safe assumption that you are new at this sort of thing and do not have sophisticated measuring instruments or professional metal/woodworking machinery at your disposal. Therefore, the procedures and techniques described in these pages are in keeping with the capabilities of commonplace (power)tools. Much emphasis has also been placed on handicraft.

After all, that’s what do-it-yourself is all about: putting in a lot of work to obtain the very best without having to make the sort of outlay painstaking craftsmanship normally fetches these days.

“Sometimes quirky, but definitely interesting”. Usefulness: 8. Attitude: 9.
Craig Anderton -Electronic Musician.

“Well-done, a fine book. Guitarists can also benefit from the information”.
Tom Mulhern -Guitar Player.

“Magnetic design frontiers; aside from Erno Zwaan’s book, there isn’t much information out there on the subject”.
Rick Turner -Bass Player.

“A strange title for a book about how to build your own bass guitar. I’ve been looking for this book for a long time. Solid info on all aspects of construction, including pickups.”
Buck Dawson -Customer

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