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The Q-tuQ-tuner q2.0 neodymium electric guitar and bass guitar pickupsner project

We design and develop next level pickups for electric guitar and bass guitar. Our goal is to satisfy the desires of every single customer and coming up to his/her expectations. We always strive to create the best quality pickups using the finest materials and in combination with our engineering team we truly give it our everything to make and give our customers the best products available. We are not a big company nor do we own a factory, almost everything we do is done by hand. It takes at least 5 hours for us to create a single pickup. Therefore we know they are a bit pricey but unfortunately, we can’t do much about it.

What to expect of the new Q-tuner

Great tone is that magical combination of your finely honed chops and the design and manufacture of your instrument. Playing aside, poor tonal character, or bad tone, is usually caused when pickups introduce intermodulation distortion, something Q-Tuners unique design virtually eliminates. They can’t help you with your chops, but when it comes to translating what you play to what is heard, Q-Tuners are the best of the best.

Batteries not required

Q-Tuners are a revolutionary new approach to passive pickup design. They combine the hi fidelity punch of an active with a signal clarity unavailable anywhere else. Their resonance frequency appears further up the sound spectrum providing a 1:1 conversion of your performance to electrical signal. In fact they’re so good, they faithfully reproduce the delicate harmonics between 4 and 7 kHz, a frequency range active electronics “filter” out and other passives don’t even see.

The best pickup is the one you don’t hear

Q-Tuners are the leaders, being the first pickups to use neodymium magnets. Also known as “super-magnets”, their unique characteristics and high performance make them superior for sound reproduction applications.

We’ve invested over 30 years perfecting our patented symmetrical electromagnetic circuit to make Q-Tuners the best pickups available.

Our proprietary computer aided guidance system allows for perfect side-by-side alignment of the windings creating physically as well as electrically identical coils. One neodymium bar magnet is placed in each coil and multiple blades will be attached on both sides for the perfect sound guidance. afterwards both are sealed in epoxy resin. This Q-Tuner “powerhouse” is insusceptible to feedback and 100% humbucking action is ensured.

Cut through the mix

In a stage environment, Q-Tuners depth of tone and broad frequency response let you dial in tones that cut through the mix, with or without distortion. They get out of the way of your performance, providing a sound that’s ultra-transparent, dynamic and articulate. They let your technique and rig

Q-tuner q2.0 neodymium electric guitar and bass guitar pickups

to shine with a smooth and punchy articulation that’s been elusive until now.

The best dynamic response available at any price

Let 100% of your performance shine through with Q-Tuners – the leader in neodymium pickups. Starting at only $125 USD, they are the ultimate hi-performance pickup available – at any price. Visit our store

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