Q-tuner: world’s first neodymium pickups


Q-tuner q2.0: World's first neodymium guitar and bass pickups


Neodymium magnets: part of our inventory


Q2.0: X-Ray view

Designed in 1989


The new Q2.0 serie was originally designed in 1989 and evolved quickly into the renown transparent Q-tuner pickup. Using this rudimentary neodymium blade/sidewinder powerhouse for the “classic” Q-tuner as a blueprint, the Q2.0 has been heavily upgraded on all accounts i.e. double insulated magnet wire, electrical steel blades and neodymium magnets with the highest flux density available. Neodymium has a much stronger magnetic field than conventional magnets, giving it a greater output voltage and more detailed sensitivity. As a result, the fully optimized Q2.0 pickups offer a distinctive broadband sound quality loaded with high order harmonics along with a wide dynamic range. For technical details, see the 3D computer graphic

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Test-proto production & testing: Philips Industrial Electronics. 1993
NL patent number: 193782 Filed: Nov. 18, 1991
USA patent number: 5,354,949 Filed: Nov. 18, 1992
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